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My Sai Shradhha Pvt Ltd

“ The Goal of the company is to provide Health & spreading awareness to each and everyone ”

My Sai Shradhha Pvt Ltd s a direct distribution company which deals in consumable goods and very soon will foray into other products also. The vision of the company is to provide an easy business to every household to become financially independent and live a healthy and happy life. The team of Shreyveer Group consists of very experienced individuals who have vast experience in developing new business and help others to do the same. 

To create a community of Financially Free, Happy, prosperous, Value driven & Contributing Citizens.
To take 1000 People to Rs. 1 Crore Annual Income by MSSG.
Unity is Strength.
We Live to Serve.
Always put Team First.
Whatever is Good for People, is Good for Business.